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War and Order – Recipe for the BEST Alliance + Exclusive Giftcode!

In this War and Order video I go over what it takes to have a great alliance + show a NEW EXCLUSIVE GIFTCODE.


  1. Hi Heretic, I love your videos. I've learned a few things. I passed on your gift code to my mates in my alliance, but they say it isn't working. Any tips? Again, I appreciate your videos and the work you put into them. Excellent job!

  2. Hi are you interested in Business co-operation? we would like to work with you to promote War and order, and we will of course pay you for the promotion.

  3. One important point is to have people that don't have the farmer mentality – that are afraid to attack because they care too much about their BP and don't want it to go down. It doesn't matter if you have 2-3 full marches if you hide them during KE because you're afraid

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