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Tail Legend The Ninth & All Redeem Codes | Giftcode Tail Legend The Ninth – How to Redeem Code

Tail Legend The Ninth & Giftcodes | All Redeem Codes Tail Legend The Ninth – How to Redeem Code | Tail Legend The Ninth

New Ninja World · Hang-up cool RPG! “Tail Legend: The Ninth”!
The legendary ninja fighting RPG masterpiece “Tail Legend: The Ninth” is coming, and the myth of the ninja world begins!

【Hang-up battle, the combat power soars】
A new chapter of epic battles, free battles, play and stop anytime! Mowing-style upgrade pleasure, no krypton and no liver banknote ability! Ultra-flexible one-button operation, unlimited combos to explode, and the combat power is soaring!

【The scene is delicate, Japanese style and style】
A true 3D audio-visual feast, beautiful movie-quality scenes! Explore the open world freely and see all beings from a free perspective! The cool skills explode the audience, and the gorgeous combos are matched with ultra-high critical strikes, making you feel so cool!

【Hang-up fierce battle, no liver and no krypton】
A new chapter of epic battles, log in to get super ninja companions, super luxurious start benefits.

【Massive fashion, super high explosion rate】
There are various copy systems, and the gameplay is simple and easy to use! Competitively rush to the leaderboard anytime, anywhere, and you can send massive hero promotion resources by playing BOSS! Allows you to upgrade multiple teams at the same time!

【Meet in reincarnation, socialize in alliance】
The ninja world is a double cultivation of love and unlimited social interaction. The most authentic experience of making friends, go through the world of ninjas with friends!

Size: 391MB
Language: English


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