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  1. Great more Asindos running around in arena i would love another for exclusive also would love Greta for Faction dragon tribe also Epic vero is good for arena if no asindo her percentage isn’t high 35% but with exclusives she also places defense down on top of silence she’s a poor man asindo lol

  2. Im trying to figure this out but within a couple mins of server reset there was two people already at 2800 points for the nedgia event on my server. I dont know how thats possible
    If your building a dragon tribe group for faction abyss try and pull greta. Shes critical to that faction for her passive.
    So happy i have the asindo counter now

  3. hey Troll
    I got the new unit Melter in the miracle wish spent some $ planing to use him on guild boss to decrease the turn meter and get more turns but even with 80% effect hit it's not working it doesn't descrease the boss turn meter
    Please can you ask the devs on discord if you are in touch with them if this is a bug or I don't understand his skills correctly?
    But it says clearly on his active skill…hit the enemy 4 times..each hit decrease the turn meter by 10%

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