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Evo Champion & All Redeem Codes Free VIP18 | 6 Giftcodes Evo Champion – How to Redeem Code

Evo Champion & 6 Giftcodes | All Redeem Codes Evo Champion – How to Redeem Code | EvoChampion Android iOS APK Download

Evo Champion is a Mobile Pokemon RPG Game.

Various evolutionary forms
Each monster has more than 2 evolutionary forms. They will choose different evolutionary paths depending on your breeding.

Explore the world
In this world China, the depths of caves, the bottom of the sea, ruins… Every place may be home to precious monsters. Find all the treasures and make friends with precious monsters without destroying the ecology!

Form a team
You can go on an adventure with up to 4 monsters. The type and strength of the enemy will also change at any time, so you need to consider the strength when forming a team.

Ultimate champion
In the game, you can fight with other monster trainers. Play against other players for a chance to earn points! The player with the first points in each season will receive the highest honor!

Size: 1.05 GB
Language: English


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🎁6 Giftcodes Evo Champion
1. VIP1
2. VIP2
3. VIP3
4. SVIP1
5. SVIP2
6. SVIP3
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🎁How to Redeem Code Evo Champion: Tap on Avatar – Gift Code

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